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For general enquiries or further information regarding Amici, please contact:

Harold Mead

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We are always keen to hear new talent. Andrew Trewhella will be pleased to consider your application.

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Amici are available to hire for weddings, village festivals, corporate event and more. Please contact:

Linda Cole

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Your name Telephone number Email address Enquiry
Your name Telephone number Email address
Voice (S, A, T, B): Are you currently singing with a group?
Relevant Experience (Choirs, Choral Societies, Opera Groups etc): Have you any experience of solo singing? If yes, give details. How would you rate your sight-reading ability?
Your name Telephone number Email address Date and Time of Event Location of Event Type of Event (Wedding, Baptism, Fête, Fund Raiser etc): Do you have an idea of how many singers you would like? Do you have any specific musical items you would like us to sing? Do you have your own accompanist/organist or would you like Amici to supply? Any other details which are relevant